Kent D. Henry, Ph.D.

Principal and Founder at EllaMae, LLC

Technical Skills

Water Monitoring: pressure, temperature, pH, ORP, DO (electrochemical and optical), conductivity, turbidity, ion selective electrodes, total residual oxidant (TRO). Mass Spectrometry: biological and environmental, MS/MS, MSn, quadrupole, FT-ICR, TOF, sector. Ionization Techniques: Electrospray ionization, atmospheric pressure chemical ionization, laser and 252Cf plasma desorption/ionization, electron-impact and chemical ionization. Physics: ion optics (SIMION and SIMION 3D), light optical theory, high vacuum technology. Separation Techniques: gas and liquid chromatography. Engineering: electronic schematic and layout (OrCAD), mechanical engineering (AutoCAD and FastCAD), materials properties, machine operation. Computer Systems: programming (HP Chemstation, Pascal, Basic, and FORTRAN), web development.


Grant & Technical Writing

Over $6M awarded over an eight-year period.

Business Skills

Executive management (P&L responsibility, business plan formulations, budgeting). Project management. Web-based project notebooks. Intellectual property. Personnel management. Corporate representation with customers, suppliers, and technology partners. Directing technical personnel (software, electrical, mechanical, manufacturing, and corporate engineers). Directing technical writers. Corporate communications using Lotus and Microsoft office products. Writing SBIR research proposals. Directing federally funded research projects.



Executive management, Project management, Web-based project notebooks, Intellectual property, Personnel management, Grant writing, SBIR program management, Directing federally funded research projects, Scientific Engineering.


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